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In person, I am happy to accept cash and checks. For my clients who wish to pay electronically, I accept Square Cash. Read more about this service and watch the short introductory video here.

There are no fees associated with Square Cash.
No. If you can use email or send a text message, then you can use Square Cash. The first time you use Square Cash, you will need to provide your debit card number through Square’s secure site. After that, it is as easy as email.
They have useful apps available for Android and iOS that make the process even more straightforward.

Get it on Google Play
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To make a payment using Square Cash:

  1. Create a new email to
  2. Add the email address to the CC line of the email
  3. Fill in the amount of money you are sending me in the subject line of the email (e.g. $40)
  4. Add whatever information you find useful for your records in the email body
  5. Send the email

That’s it! I’ll receive the email from you letting me know to expect your payment.

If this is your first time using Square Cash, you will receive an email from Square asking for your debit card information so they can process the transaction. After that, each time you send money this way will be as simple as creating an email. Once your transaction goes through (usually a matter of seconds), I’ll receive a notification from Square letting me know the funds have been received by my bank.


Download the Square Cash app

Get it on Google Play
Download on the App Store

No matter how you pay, thank you for your business!